Private Label Partners:



St. Lukes Eye Care & Laser Center, Colorado Springs, CO

Project Lead:

Rick Zavala, American Optical Services


Create a quiet environment within a store/medical facility environment - from normal conversation levels to phone and switch board sounds.


Achieved 57 STC rating, +5 points from previous scores with similar wall constructions at other American Optical facilities built by Mr. Zavala in various locations throughout US.


J&L Decorating

Specifier/Spec Writer:

YMCA Project Managment + CVG Architects (Naperville)


Fry YMCA 95th St. Naperville, IL


41 North Contractors were in need of a solution for the potential reverberation problem in the new construction of two new children's rooms being completed in early 2013. CVG Architects specified Coat of Silenceto soften and resurface the steel deck ceiling and effectively reduce reverberation and audible echo. Application was a success and reverberation times cut in half plus noise levels reduced increasing the overall safety rating of the room for children and instructors. COS is GreenGuard Certified for Children and Schools.


Basement Restoration


Ceiling coated to reduce reverberation caused by various hard surfaces. Base Coat only fluid applied as "absorptive" layering to soften the substrate therefore reducing echo plue reverberation time.


Reverberation time was significantly reduced, audible echo was effectively eliminated.

Applied by:

Outland Construction


The Smithsonian in Washington D.C. Museum of Natural History.


To greatly reduce loud vibrational and airborne noise overhead.


Coat of Silence was applied to a steel deck that was flooring for exhibit space, and a ceiling for office space, providing a level of noise abatement.


Leaning Tower YMCA, Niles, IL


Increase the noise reduction coefficient of the room and reduce echo


Applied 2 coats of Coat of Silence base coat and one coat of the finish coat.
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